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Wine Label Printing

Design is Everything

You can't taste the label, but you can't open the bottle in the store either. Your wine label is THE thing that gets your wine off of the shelf and into customer's hands. Let Wayne Trademark work with you to make your label delicious and refreshing. Your wine label tells your story in an instant, and a good design coupled with great print quality is the key to sales.

Wayne Trademark's team can take your glimmer of an idea, or your print ready files, and deliver a label that gets your wine into the hands and homes of your customers. Our excellent graphics team can work with you to build on your design and make it your identity in the marketplace.

We can make the label sell the first bottle, your wine can sell the rest.

How We Do It

Wayne Trademark utilizes both Digital HP Indigo and high-end flexographic production technologies to produce print runs - large and small, cost effectively, and timely.

Each print run is reviewed and assessed to see which press is best suited for label and run size. We take all the variables into account; run length, turn-around time, design, revision frequency, and other factors so that we give you the best we can offer. Depending on your needs, our sales team will suggest the best production method for your product.

In an industry where product description, alcohol percentage, and vintage date change with each season's harvest, our HP Indigo digital press is often the right answer for printing wine labels. Digital printing gives you the highest quality print graphics, without film or plate costs. With unmatched short run flexibility, you experience less wait time and save more money!

Here's How HP Indigo Digital Presses Can Help You Meet the New Demands of the Market:

  • Economical short and medium volume runs
  • No set-up or changeover time reduces final cost
  • Can print on a variety of substrates
  • No plates needed, reduces cost and increases flexibility
  • Perfect Registration
  • Consistent color across runs
  • CMYK "spot" color builds, offer virtually an unlimited number of print colors!
  • Efficient production of multiple SKU's
  • Consecutive Numbering and Variable Data Printing
  • Labels come on rolls for automatic application
  • In-house die library of over 6,000 shapes and sizes to choose from
  • Guaranteed barcode scanability

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What We Print
Wine Label Printing


  • White semi gloss paper: most popular and cost effective
  • Textured Papers: Linen, Estate, Felt-for a classic look, for premium lines
  • White and Clear Films: clear, "no label" look; water and oil resistant
  • Silver Metallic Films:
  • Varnishes: Matte and Gloss UV and water based coatings
  • Lamination: Matte and Gloss, adding scuff protection to your label

Digital stocks

We work with several leading paper suppliers to provide our customers with environmentally friendly products. Several of the digital stocks come in a Forest Stewardship Council Certified (FSC) offering.

Our long standing relationships with industry leaders like Fasson and Raflatac provide us with the latest technology stocks and adhesives-specifically designed for the wine industry. From specialty adhesives with superior performance, to wet-strength enforced stocks that bond in moist environments (eg.ice bucket), we can find the ideal solution for your bottling needs.

Call us or click here and fill out an online form to request samples. You can get a FREE PRESS PROOF of your actual labels. Send us your electronic file and we'll print a FREE sample of your label. You've really got to see it!

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