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Wayne Trademark is instrumental in helping us meet deadlines. They stand behind their product and offer superb customer service.
Tony Gradisca

Guenther Schneider
Director of Purchasing, Shurtape Technologies
Dear Gary,
Thank you for the telephone call to check on our level of satisfaction with your services since we made the switch from a total of six vendors over to your company. As I told you yesterday, it could not be better. Considering all of the artwork and printing dies from all of the different suppliers to sort through, this undertaking had to have been a nightmare.

Susan, Mike, Kay and everybody at your company involved in making this transition go so smoothly are to be congratulated. I have heard nothing but positive remarks about quality and service. Your control of our inventory level and production schedule will be very helpful. Also, the data card specifications sheets you have provided for our reference are very helpful and impressive.

You have accomplished more in four weeks than "Brand X" did in fifteen years. Everything you promised you could do for us, you have done in a much shorter time than I could have ever requested.

To all of the folks that tried to tell me how risky my plan was, I can say "I knew it all along." Thanks for your very professional and timely assistance in our endeavors.

Shurtape Technologies, Inc.
Guenther Schneider

Rusty Cox Davis Valley Winery
We're already a customer and glad of it!

Jack L. Fox
President, Fox Quality Baking company
Dear Ray:
A few minutes ago I had an opportunity to see the new FOX QUALITY pressure sensitive label for our pastry and strudel products.

Just as we are quick to criticize when things are not right, I want to be just as prompt in complimenting when things are done right. In the case of this new label, Ray, you and your organization have done an outstanding job. The gold lines with the dark blue give an outstanding image of quality.

The registration is good and the overall layout enhances the product which the label attempts to sell.

Also I want to express my personal appreciation for the outstanding service you have given to us recently. With prices popping wildly all over the map, we must move quickly and I must say, Ray, that we appreciate you coming to our rescue when labels are needed on very short notice.

It is this kind of outstanding service combined with quality printing that motivates us to place our continuing business with your company. Keep up the good work and best wishes for your continued success.
Jack L. Fox

Dwight Moore
Vice President, Hunter Farms / Harris Teeter
I wanted to drop you a quick Thank You note for the absolutely astonishing turnaround time on the water labels this past Thursday. We delivered a label to you and by Friday AM, the finished labels were ready. I have been in the business for a lot of years and have never seen that happen.

All of the water that we produce is strictly for giving away to residents around our stores affected by the hurricane. Through your efforts, we were able to provide an additional 5,000 cases of water. As of yesterday, we had produced 10,180 cases (40,720 gallons) of water to be given away to those affected by the storms. We have a lot of areas from North Carolina to Delaware that has been hit by the storm, and water and ice are being passed out free of charge to those residents.

Your company should take pride in the fact that they are helping Hunter Farms and Harris Teeter help those in need of water in the storm affected areas. Please pass on my thanks to all of your associates.

Thanks again for your help last week!!!

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