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FDA Approves New Food Nutrition Labels

In June of 2016, the FDA approved a new nutritional facts label, changing both the design and requirements on ingredients and how they are listed. The current label is over 20 years old with the present labels making an appearance in 1993.

The most notable changes are:
  • Servings and Calories will now be in a larger font in bold type.
  • Per Serving and per package will now be required so consumers will know how many calories that are in the entire container if they eat it all at one sitting.
  • Calories from fat will be removed. Trans Fat, Saturated Fat, and Total Fat will continue to be required.
  • A new category "Added Sugars" will be required. Both the amount in grams and the percentage of daily value will be required.
  • Vitamin D and potassium will now be required on the label. Vitamins A and C will no longer be mandatory, but manufacturers can still list these vitamins voluntarily.
  • Percent daily values and gram amounts of calcium and iron will also continue to be required
  • The footnote will change to better explain what percent Daily Value means.

It will cost an estimated $2 Billion Dollars for food manufacturers to conform to the new standards on nutritional labels.

New Nutritional Labels Serving Size

Difference between old nurtitional labels and new

Food manufacturers will be required to have the updated nutritional labels on their products by July 26, 2018 to be in compliance with the FDA.

New Nutritional Labels From the FDA

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