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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What does Wayne Trademark do?
A : We provide a wide range of print products, from digital and flexographic labels, to folded cartons. We specialize in pressure sensitive labels for the food, beverage, garment, and other industries. Our folded cartons can hold anything from popcorn to automotive filters.

Q: What type of printing do you do?
A: We offer digital, flexographic, and offset services; all under one roof.

Q : What material is available for my labels?
A : We stock many paper, foil, films and specialty materials with various adhesive constructions. Just ask for the material you are looking for on your project. In addition, most any label stock will print on Digital.

Q : What is Digital Printing?
A : This is a printing technology that requires state of the art printing equipment. This technology permits the linking of digital artwork directly to the printing press, eliminating the need for film and printing plates. Digital Printing provides high quality, affordable printing solutions.

Q : Is digital printing less expensive?
A : Digital can be more cost effective. There are no minimums; exact amounts can be produced. There are no plate charges

Q: Do you provide variable imaging or variable data?
A: Yes, our digital press allows for personalization, sequential numbering, sequential barcodes, and any other variable data you may require.

Q : What art files should I provide?
A : Art files in a usable format would include Adobe Illustrator files, with either the .ai or .eps extension. An editable PDF is also acceptable . We can work with Indesign files as well. Please include all fonts and linked files. Also, your intended die-line is always helpful.

Q : Can I get an estimate of the cost involved?
A: Yes. For a quick quote, go to our contact page and fill out the Get a Quote form with your information. In the comments section, describe your requirements. If you would like to get a more detailed estimate, fill out this form, where you can list any adhesives, materials, or special instructions.

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