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Extended Content Labels | ECL Booklets

Give the consumer all of the information that they need about your product. Place additional information inside the label or in a booklet, with an Extended Content Label (ECL). Also referred to as Fold-out Panels, Extended Text Labels and Label Booklets , they all use the same printing procedure.

Extended Content Labels allow you to add more information about your product without taking up a lot of space. They contain either fold-out pages, or a booklet, which can be easily peeled off. There is no sticky residue left after removal, and if desired, a clear view of the remaining label or packaging can be left. If you need to add more copy to your label, but are limited by the size of the product, then the ideal solution would be an extended content label.

Other Uses
  • Health and Beauty / Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Instructions
  • Recipes
  • Automotive Industry
  • Food and Beverage
  • Health or Safety Warnings
  • Proper Storage Procedure
  • Warranty Information

Expandable Booklet Labels

If your company exports to foreign countries, you can attach an expandable booklet label with a translation of the different languages, making it extremely cost effective for reaching different markets.

Show the consumer your Sweepstake rules, diagrams, and safety information. Offer mail-in rebates and special promotions. Provide Instant Redeemable Coupons to promote sales at checkout. It is the perfect opportunity to include information on your new products and services. The possibilities are endless.

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Extended Content Label

Save Time and Money Plus Keep the Consumer Focused on Your Logo

Why spend a lot of money on several different labels when you can have just one label that covers everything? Keep the customer's attention on your product, your name and your logo. Maintain their focus on purchasing; maximizing the impact of the valuable space on that front label. Let the expandable label provide the details.

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